Providing Christmas Magic

Remember when you were a child and Christmas was full of wonder?

We’re ready to bring that wonder back with your

beautiful Christmas Lights Installation.

Christmas Lights Installation

When it comes to lights, we carry a wide range of products- warm white, cool white, multi-colored, mesh, C9 bulbs, C6 bulbs, and more. We can install pretty much any style of outdoor lights to make your home beautiful and bright- ready for the Holidays!

LED Installed Christmas Lights on a home's porch and eavestrough as well as bushes

C6 LED Bulbs

We can install top-quality 70 UL-rated LED bulbs in your space. These lights are designed to stay cool to the touch while consuming less power. The best feature of these lights is that plug-ins are available at both ends of each strand, allowing us to connect 45 sets together for a total of 3,150 lights. To ensure the customer’s satisfaction, the durable C6 string lights come with a 3-year limited warranty.

C9 LED Bulbs

If you want slightly bigger lights, we can install the 25 UL-rated LED bulbs. These premium bulbs don’t heat up which means they remain cool to the touch. These are also energy-efficient, reducing your power usage. Because each strand includes plug-ins on both ends, we were able to join 90 sets for a total of 2,250 lights. The C9 string lights are built to last and come with a 3-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

We carry a wide range of lights to make your holiday celebrations perfect! When we install Christmas lights at your home or workplace, it brings a warm inviting glow to your space. Our multi-purpose lights are suitable for all types of buildings. We use weather-resistant lights that can be used on your trees, roofline, railings, windows, doors, and entryway.

C6 LED Christmas Lights installed on a house porch

Safe & Reliable

Lights are UL rated and tested to meet industry standards

Energy Efficient

Long Lasting LED Bulbs

Weather Resistant

Made for harsh Canadian weather


Can be used on your roof, porch, railings, trees and shrubs.


Limited 3 year warranty on product we install. Lights must be removed and stored properly.

This is How We Do It!


Once we meet and discuss your ideas and provide you with your free quote, we come back with all the lights, clips and cords we need to install your lights.


Our installers put safety first and are fully insured.  Why risk falling from a ladder or slipping on ice? Stay warm and cozy inside while we light up your house!


To extend the life of your lights (and keep your warranty valid) you need to have your lights removed properly. We’ll do it for you at only 35% of the cost of your installation (that’s like $9.80/strand).

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