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Church Window Cleaning

We understand that churches and other places of worship don’t have huge budgets at their disposal. Your focus is on your congregations, ministries and your own outreach programs. Church maintenance can get expensive and those funds aren’t always available, that’s why we want to offer religious buildings a 10% discount on window cleaning services.  

Our Guarantee!

30 Day Clean Guarantee on Dust and Dirt!

12 Month Guarantee on Bird Messes! 


How Often?

Clean your windows every 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of dirt and grime that cling to them. 



Benefits of Service

Helps your church look its best, increases the life of your window casings, and allows for natural Vitamin D. Oxidization can happen when dirt and grime stays on surfaces for too long and permanently damages the siding and window frames. Stop future expensive repairs with regular cleaning now.


We also provide mirror cleaning, chandelier cleaning, high ledges, light bulb changing and pigeon spike installs.

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